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D-Link DIR-600M Wireless N150 Router Price In Bangladesh



Wireless N Router
LED Power, Internet, WLAN, LAN, and WPS are all available.
Wireless Speed 150 Mbps
External Power Supply 5 volts direct current, 1 amp, external
Wireless Standards IEEE 802.11n speeds of up to 150 Mbps IEEE 802.11g ƒIEEE 802.11b IEEE 802.3 IEEE 802.3u
Frequency 2.4 Ghz to 2.4835 Ghz
Wireless Security WPS (PBC/PIN) Wi-Fi Protected Access


The D-Link DIR-600M Wireless N150 Router is a cost-effective and reliable networking solution designed to provide seamless connectivity in Bangladesh. With its affordable price and essential features, this router is ideal for small homes, apartments, and basic internet usage.

With wireless N technology, the DIR-600M delivers a maximum wireless speed of up to 150Mbps, ensuring smooth web browsing, email communication, and light online activities. While it may not be suitable for bandwidth-intensive tasks like HD streaming or online gaming, it provides adequate performance for everyday internet use.

The compact and sleek design of the DIR-600M makes it easy to place in any corner of your home or office. Despite its small size, it offers reliable Wi-Fi coverage, allowing you to stay connected in different rooms without experiencing significant signal degradation.

Setting up the DIR-600M is simple and hassle-free, thanks to its user-friendly web-based interface and step-by-step setup wizard. With just a few clicks, you can have your network up and running. The router supports basic security protocols like WPA/WPA2 encryption to protect your network from unauthorized access.

Equipped with four Ethernet ports, the DIR-600M allows you to connect wired devices such as desktop computers, gaming consoles, or smart TVs for a stable and reliable internet connection. It also supports Quality of Service (QoS) functionality, enabling you to prioritize certain applications or devices for smoother performance.

The DIR-600M is compatible with major internet service providers in Bangladesh, making it easy to integrate with your existing network setup. While it may not offer advanced features or the highest speeds available in the market, it provides a budget-friendly option for users with basic internet needs.

For those seeking an affordable networking solution, the D-Link DIR-600M Wireless N150 Router offers a suitable choice. It provides reliable connectivity, easy setup, and essential features to ensure seamless internet access in Bangladesh.


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